Sunday, May 29, 2011

LONDON markets: Borough Market

The Honest Carrot: Nutty Crumbles at £3 each.

The Honest Carrot: flower pot bread 
Portugese Egg Tarts

Just look at all that hummus!!
Raclette cheese toast
Pistachio Birds Nest Baclava
You can't write about food in London without covering Borough Market. I don't even know where to begin. It's a messy amalgamation of food stalls selling gourmet-esque, unique food. You're literally spoiled for choice; and the fact that there are tasters at almost every stall isn't much help. My personal favourites to bring home are the nutty crumble (from The Honest Carrot, made of breadcrumbs, walnut, carrot, almond, leek and cheese) and the mushroom pate (from Pate Moi). Then again, this is a manifestation of my psychological need to compensate for my cake love with healthy meals. 

In a more indulgent mood, I'd go for the Raclette cheese toast or the gnocchi. Though the food is a bit more on the expensive side, it's worth every penny. A relatively new addition (yes, I go often enough to notice these things) is the lebanese/mediterranean food stall. It has a dozen varieties of hummus and delicious baklava - that's a lebanese dessert made of nuts and pastry drenched luxuriously in honey that welds the everything together. 

Other things to look forward to:
Truffle oil (as a dip or drizzled over pasta - I make sure I never run out) 
Fig jam
Gluten-free toasted cereal 
Cheese tasting (buffalo mozzarella!) 
Carrot cake
Lamb "hotdogs" - because to call them sandwiches would be a massive understatement. 

(Leave a comment below if you've been to Borough and think I've missed out anything!) 

Before you start thinking Borough Market is some kind of food heaven - a few words of warning: kangaroo burgers and crowds. I no longer remember what the kangaroo burgers tasted like, but I felt slightly sick after consuming about a quarter of it. Maybe it was the thought of the lovely creatures leaping across a plain or the awkward aftertaste. Either way, it's definitely not something I'd try more than once. Another put off is having to weave through masses of slow moving people but then again I don't blame them, it's a natural consequence of placing good food out in the open - we're drawn to it like bees are to honey. 

Borough Market

8 Southwark Street
City of London, Greater London SE1 1TL
020 7407 1002

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