Monday, August 19, 2013

SINGAPORE: PS Cafe at Dempsey

I came back to Singapore thinking I had, in London, successfully weaned myself off dessert. How naive I was. The first chance I had to visit PS Cafe at Dempsey, I couldn't help myself from ordering my favourite Flourless Orange Cake. I love any cake that starts with "flourless". It implies "carbless" and makes me feel a little less guilty. Unfortunately, I've tried making flourless banana and chocolate cake before and what they take away in flour they put back in egg yolk so I'm not so sure it's particularly sinless.

PS Cafe's flourless orange cake melts into your senses in a burst of sweet citrus and comfortingly warm sponginess. As much as I love London, the London cafes never did know how to heat their cakes up before serving them. They were usually left out to dry on counters without any transparent lids which always irked me. On the other hand, it's always a pleasure to have your cake served warm but service at PS Cafe was slow on a Sunday afternoon and the ice cream was disappointingly melty. 

This milkshake really seemed like 5 scoops of vanilla ice cream blended together with oreos. It was so luxuriously decadent I could only manage about 4 teaspoons full before stopping. 

PS Cafe's interior is wonderfully bright and spacious; it's floor to ceiling glass panes look out to Dempsey's greenery. It's really the perfect spot for a photoshoot so I was lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with Andrea Cheong from The Haute Heel on her latest blog post. I never get as much fun from photographing food as I do people and Andrea was a pleasure to work with - don't forget to check out her blog for your daily dose of fashion! 

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