Friday, July 13, 2012


My European summer was a riot of colour - from glaringly beautiful blue skies to the sudden proliferation of baby blue chinos; the soft pastels of macaroons to the sandy peach tinge that the streets of both Bath and Paris are doused in. I'd have expected the thrill of living in London to have expired by now but all this time overseas seems to have had the opposite effect. With my second year of university drawing to a premature close, I have only so much time left to immerse myself in all this Londoness as an (almost) completely burdenless human being. While some may experience a new city by soaking up the sights and sounds along the streets, I believe the best way to truly appreciate a city is through the taste buds. 

If I had to describe Nobu's food in a line, it'd probably be: "you get what you pay for". I've probably had one of the best few meals of my life at Nobu. With that thought in mind, the prices don't seem all that exorbitant. We each had £80 meal that gets you 7 courses picked by the chef, one of which was -and I made absolutely sure of this - the black miso cod. Despite the first two courses being slightly over-salted, the salt content was reduced substantially after we spoke to our waitress. I've probably mentioned this before, but when you get food quality this good, quantity is negligible when it comes to satisfaction. (Not that this stopped us from ordering an extra dessert each after our 7 courses.) 

19 Old Park Lane
+44 2074474747

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Andrea said...

This is amazing! I love Nobu :)